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23 March 2018
Rohan Singh
Tick coherent after other hud things
TransformDirection, some other stuff to try and fix a few issues
19 March 2018
Rohan Singh
Namespace vue components by addon name to fix conflicts
18 March 2018
Rohan Singh
UI to show when game is connecting to server, and a button to cancel
17 March 2018
Rohan Singh
Automatically resolve domain names when connecting to a server
Remove duplicate HUD reload logic to try and fix possible race condiiton
PhysicaMaterial should be using double
Placeholder ship model. Bit of suicide barrels code cleanup.
16 March 2018
This commit has been marked private, so it is hidden
This commit has been marked private, so it is hidden
Rohan Singh
Working on making the car not behave weird
12 March 2018
This commit has been marked private, so it is hidden
Add empty template addon that can be copy pasted when making new gamemode addons
Add Player.Local.ServerName. Hook up server name to scoreboard.
Rohan Singh
Work in progress car
11 March 2018
Add collision test to new spring arm camera
Cache players team before killing them so kill feed can show correct killed team
Add team colors to kill feed Add Gamemode.TeamColor
Add convar to toggle console overlay
10 March 2018
Use icon for death log and use translate for fades
Hook up death log
Barrel explosion force convar
Fix compile error
Add convar for ragdoll fade time. Play sound on round end.
Increase explosion force from barrel so ragdoll gets launched
Allow second cooldown after barrel respawn until detonation is ready, avoids accidentally detonating
Decrease barrel detonation time to make it easier to get a kill. Decrease pistol fire rate slightly.
Decrease warmup and round starting time so you're not arsing around for too long
Add round over phase
More gamemode convars Display players waiting / players needed on hud
Don't include vorbis headers on dedi fix #if bullshit
Replicate round timer in seconds so it's always in sync
Wrap sound bindings in dedicated server ifdefs
Remove unused broadcast sound rpc's
Don't play sounds on non clients (dedi server)
Add melon material
Don't spawn as barrel when testing with 1 player on server
Ghetto asset preload
Replicate round num and add to hud Merge branch 'master' of github.com:Facepunch/SandboxGame
Add players needed convar, increase default round time to 120 seconds
Add round timer hud, broadcast round starting
Add assets to barrel gamemode so nothing needs to be mounted (for playtest)
Rohan Singh
Use diffuse color from models
Some UI fixes
Fix dicegame dedicated server issues
Console command to directly switch to a gamemode+map
Fix server end game not disconnecting clients, remove double error message when losing connection
Dice game playermodel, fix a couple other issues with dice game, fix voice chat
Fix the math for model origin
9 March 2018
Make round time a convar
Add phase display hud
Add BaseWeapon.FireRate
Add Color.Hex. Add team name colors to chatbox.
Add a death for detonating self
Cache player before controllable dies from taking damage so points can be awarded
Award kills/deaths
Tell server the spectator position and eye angles
Give flying spectators a baby model
Check if barrel is valid and not pending destroy before exploding it
Do client side bullet prediction instead because other clients don't need to know yet
Replicate firing bullets so players can shoot client side physics objects
Disable decals for now (they suck)
Barrel deals damage to damagables in radius on detonation. Humans can take damage.
Clear death target every tick when not controlling death camera, just to be sure
Clear death target on respawn if previous controllable was a death camera
Always make sure view target is barrels camera when controlling barrel
Only respawn after respawn timer if still in round warmup or active phase Only respawn as barrel while in round active phase
Humans win if round ends with a human still alive, barrels win if there's no humans left
Respawn players after round warmup, pick random player to be on the barrel team
Add round warmup phase
Add round and round warmup timers, switch everyone to spectator on round end
Joining while round is active will put you on the barrel team
Ensure Player.Local is valid on client from the start
8 March 2018
Add Quaternion.Random, launch barrel debris in random direction.
Add death camera offset. Add barrel debris that is used for the death camera target (which is a melon for now)
Only respawn if the clients death camera is ready (left mouse button)
Stop animations after turning into ragdoll Only start countdown for ragdoll destroy after it's no longer the target of the death camera
Ragdoll death cam
7 March 2018
Set internal mesh every tick to make sure it's set (until i find out why doing it once isn't enough)
Mark mesh render state dirty, see if that fixes invisible barrels
Add crosshair Only show crosshair when controlling a human with an active weapon
Set model on replication instead of waiting for begin play
Load mesh entity models in initialize and not SetProperty (should fix random invisible props on client)
Cancel barrel detonation if it dies during it
Add weapon bullet tracing. Make barrels take damage. Add missing bullet decal
Add PlayerModel class. Destroy ragdolls after 5 seconds
Spawn spectators at human eye height on spawn points Ragdoll human on clients when they die
Fix barrel props blinking in and out of existence (hopefully)
Fix pistol not replicating
Fix some incorrect asserts
Add BaseWeaponControllable, BaseWeapon, PistolWeapon
Use mossman for human player model
Replicated barrel yaw
Barrel model turns using eye angle yaw with interploation
Rohan Singh
Rotate, scale, and change origin of models at import time
6 March 2018
Rename Player to HumanControllable
Fix humans spawning in floor
Add teams and phases, wait for players, spawn as human, spawn as barrel on death
Add spectator controllable for when game is waiting for players
Thirdperson camera less likely to clip through collision
Show player join/leave. Hide name section in chatbox if name is empty.
Add Gamemode.AllowPlayerMessage for custom message filtering
Fix client broadcasting chat message when it shouldn't
Add Player.Local. Add Player.Message. Add IGamemode.OnPlayerMessage.
Add chat and scoreboard hud for barrels gamemode
Remove some camera code that shouldn't be running on server
Fix some source entities using constructor instead of Initialize
Forgot to renable step slide move
Fix player movement clipping bug after landing on ground. Apex of jump will always be exactly the value of the jump height. Crouching as barrel will slow you down
Rohan Singh
Don't show connection errors on server when clients disconnect
Fix a NRE when a model wasn't found
5 March 2018
Fix client side barrel model attaching incorrectly on initialize Fix client not spawning at the exact location told by server
Fix client side only barrel model replicating when it shouldn't
Fix being able to detonate while detonating
Fix spring arm camera incorrectly updating for 1 frame after switching to it
Add death camera
Rohan Singh
Display connection errors
Pass ENetworkFailure to managed, fix crash when failing to connect to server
4 March 2018
Attach spring arm camera to barrel to avoid jittery movement
Turn off auto active camera bullshit so setting view target on possess doesn't get reset
Barrel detonate countdown
Broadcast taunt number so everyone can hear the same taunt
Broadcast barrel taunt and explosion
Limit barrel taunts to 2 seconds
Rohan Singh
Replicate model import settings
Bind ReplicateMovement
Make dice vehicle work in multiplayer
Bind flags for absolute transformation
3 March 2018
Spawn barrel controllable model with random yaw just incase a nerd can recognise axis aligned barrels or some shit
Bring up front menu using 'P' aswell as escape so it can be opened in editor
Keep relative transform when detaching entities
Add Controllable.AddImpulse. Throw player up when umounting test vehicle.
Fix dice vehicle bug
Add Barrel Controllable to suicide barrels gamemode
Rohan Singh
Testing stuff
Better solution
Don't break network ids when selecting things in editor
2 March 2018
Rohan Singh
Overload WithBurst to let people set a minimum
Fix the delay when waiting for players
Wrap players list when it gets long
Add a help screen to dice game
Move text and voice UI to engine addon, fix voice playing at 0 volume, add chat to dice game
Hide the buttons you cant use in dice game, css tweaks
Show proper text on dicegame ui instead of the enum
Add a console command to dicegame to restart the round
More detailed load times for models
Fix menu and console becoming stuck open (also no longer using vkeys)
Fix initial hud variable not sending when its hashcode is 0
Release game keys when the HUD is receiving the input
Use model library settings parameter instead of global state
Fix merging error
Add model library import settings (CollisionMode, LodForCollision) Merge branch 'master' of github.com:Facepunch/SandboxGame Merge branch 'master' of github.com:Facepunch/SandboxGame
1 March 2018
Rohan Singh
Dice game
Catch and log exception when hotswapping delegate