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17 December 2017
Rohan Singh
Working on using Zio to abstract filesystem nicely Update Zio use-zio
16 December 2017
Matrix4x4 indexer Spawn ents for bsp world point lights. Add light draw distance settings.
15 December 2017
Fix uninitialized skeletal animation tracks in standalone builds
Fix physics asset collision in standalone builds
Fix static mesh collision in standalone build
14 December 2017
Update to 4.18
Flip MDL vertices along X axis
13 December 2017
Started Suicide Barrels gamemode. Support BSP > 19 ambient lighting.
Rename SetAnimationSequence to PlayAnimation
SkeletalMeshEntity.AddAnimation helper func
Removed all C++ runtime asset cache shit
Use managed skeletal mesh and animation loaders
Support skeletal mesh section visibility and material by section name
Rohan Singh
Update bindinggen
12 December 2017
Limit size of auto generated physics asset bodies
Create convex collision from dominant bones
Add physics asset collision bindings (convex, sphere, box, capsule) Fix vertex weight normalize
11 December 2017
Make sure vertex weights total exactly 255
Use physics substepping
Add BaseWorldEntity.AddCustomPhysics so custom forces and torques can be calculated individually for every physics substep
Disable ragdoll body to body collision. Fix constraint axis.
Add Color == operator to fix generated code error
Fix errors in steam build
Create constraints for bones in skeletal model Merge branch 'master' of github.com:Facepunch/SandboxGame
Rohan Singh
Update bindinggen
9 December 2017
Rohan Singh
Update Zio use-zio
Working on using Zio to abstract filesystem nicely use-zio
Add INetworkSerializable for networking custom types
8 December 2017
Rohan Singh
Working on using Zio to abstract filesystem nicely use-zio
7 December 2017
Started physics constraint bindings. Update BindingGen
Don't link opensubdiv
6 December 2017
William Wallace
enable c++ exceptions in SandboxGame module
build with 4.16?
Fix compile errors in steam build
2 December 2017
Finished managed animation importing
Add skeletal mesh dependency to animation library (animation importing requires a valid skeleton)