35 Commits by 2 Authors. 0 files added, 0 deleted, 0 moved.
11 September 2018
Rohan Singh
Enumerating files now searches in search paths too (SBOX-130)
Michael Johnson
Add arcade cabinet assets
Rename Arcade GameAPI.Unreal to GameAPI.Engine
Add RefreshBoneTransforms to skeletal mesh entity, this is useful for when you want to disable ragdoll physics and not have it spazz out for a until next tick
Add dummy ui to capture mouse
Use orbit camera for ragdoll editor
10 September 2018
Michael Johnson
Skeletal model post load calls embedded physics asset post load so constraints are fixed in editor
Update all asset library loaders on start game so new ones can be found when switching gamemodes
Commit lightmap texture (should probably warn when using an uncommited texture)
Move bsp reading to BspUtils addon (bsp reading across quake based engines is pretty much the same)
9 September 2018
Michael Johnson
Default mass scale to 1 for physics asset importing
Add mass scale to physics body
Draw physics asset constraint limits
Add offset transform to physics asset constraint importing
8 September 2018
Michael Johnson
fuck again
Remove debug draw now that we can draw directly to the pdi
Weld with constraints when welding a model with bones (welds the root body for now, ragdolls can't be welded with solid welding)
Freeze/Unfreeze individual joints with grabber tool
Add bone grabbing to grabber tool
Save references to bodies and constraints in physics asset. Add json constructor to Angles.
7 September 2018
Michael Johnson
Fix NRE when reloading skeletal model
Add reference to physics asset override in skeletal mesh entity and reference to physics asset in skeletal model
Try wrapping physics asset in a proxy object so we can get the managed pointer back out from the outer object (gross)
Add bodies enumerator to physics asset. Add GetBoneTransform.
Add Project and Deproject to Draw2D Add managed handles to internal physics asset, body and constraint classes. Add GetPhysicsAsset to skeletal mesh entity.
Draw wireframe primitives for every body in a physics asset
Fix compile error in steam build
Initial ragdoll editor addon Expose low level primitive drawing for gamemodes to draw primitives on demand
6 September 2018
Michael Johnson
Fix constraint enable projection setting, check if the constraint data is valid first.
Load constraint collision and projection settings and rigid body linear and angular damping. Fix compile errors Fix constraint limits in editor by setting default profile to the profile in default instance. Add PostLoad to assets for any fixups needed after loading.
4 September 2018
Michael Johnson
Fix constraint transform when constraint parent isn't directly above in hierarchy
Load physics assets from json. Fix Vector3 json deserialize.
1 September 2018
Michael Johnson
Started physics asset importer. Add unload and reregister to physics assets so they can be reloaded
Add Citizen props