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19 July 2018
Michael Johnson
Add primitive builders for linear and curved stairs
Fix out of range exception in mesh deserialize
Add Primitive Builders, properties of the builder get replicated instead of mesh data if the mesh is unmodified Add cylinder primitive builder
Add preview mesh for block tool Clamp block tool drag size and extrude distance
Copy used materials when cloning editable mesh
Hook up voice chat and text chat to map builder
18 July 2018
Michael Johnson
Set mesh to modified after applying materials
Replicate editable mesh face material changes
Replicate material id too to keep lookup in sync
Replicate editable mesh material changes
Replicate editable mesh used materials, reference face materials with id
Switching selection mode recalculates selection bounds (could have 0 faces selected when switching from mesh to faces)
Fix cloning editable meshes on clients by spawning them locally first then spawning them on the server after releasing selection Merge branch 'master' of github.com:Facepunch/SandboxGame
17 July 2018
Rohan Singh
Binds for camera angle clamping Fix a crash when initial workspace fails to load
Michael Johnson
Use grid snap size for block tool min extrude distance
Network extrude face
Use average face normal instead of triangle normal to planar map cube primitives
Align textures of every face when in mesh select mode
Network aligning face texture to worldspace
Fix not setting mesh ownership when editing faces
Setting mesh position requires ownership
Revoke mesh ownership when clearing selectables too
Reject mesh edits from players that don't have ownership Ask server to set mesh ownership on selection/deselection
Add editable mesh ownership so other players can't edit meshes you're currently editing
Network editable mesh deletions
Network editable mesh cloning (copy paste)
Sort builder RPC's into partial classes to keep everything neat and maintainable
Network editable mesh face offsets Fix calculate editable mesh local bounds on faces with no material Network editable mesh translations
16 July 2018
Michael Johnson
Support 2d translate animation channels, usually used for root motion
Fix animation bug so that runtime animations play correctly like they do in editor
Make VersionNamedChunk a NamedChunk so GetChildrenByName works on them
P3D animations
15 July 2018
Michael Johnson
P3D animation chunks
P3D composite drawable skin chunk
P3D weight list chunk
Fix NRE when loading p3d model witth no bone influences
P3D bone influences
P3D normals and textures Merge branch 'master' of github.com:Facepunch/SandboxGame
Rohan Singh
Switch to anime.js
Enable debug mode for velocity.js
14 July 2018
Rohan Singh
Allow mouse capture on any element, not just div
Michael Johnson
Pure3D skeletal model importer
Mark worldspawn and editable meshes as always net relevant
Seamlessly move grid mesh with camera origin so it never ends
Add texture origin to faces so textures can be planar mapped in world space
Redesign map builder from the ground up with networking in mind Network mesh builder properties if mesh hasn't been modified
13 July 2018
Michael Johnson
Fix texture coords on extruded faces Server side editable mesh translation
Fix exception when translating editable mesh. Clear selectables when changing tool.
Fix map builder selection tool
Create new editable meshes on server
Hook up map builder tools to sandbox gamemode
Use fbx release libs Terrain tool can line trace terrain entities that have any transform
Add fbx memory stream to load files from managed
12 July 2018
Michael Johnson
Include and link fbx sdk 2019
Rohan Singh
Fix an exception preventing the game from running a second time in editor
Re-save shaders
11 July 2018
Rohan Singh
Allow GetEntitiesInRadius to search for interfaces too Include all entities in GetEntitiesInRadius' search
Michael Johnson
Support morph targets again (broke when we updated to 4.19)
Flatten terrain tool
10 July 2018
Michael Johnson
Terrain smoothing tool
Terrain sculpt tool radius and falloff
9 July 2018
Michael Johnson
Basic terrain sculpt tool
8 July 2018
Michael Johnson
Add Landscape.GetHeightData
Calculate number of landscape components in X axis so editing works on non uniform landscape sizes
Rohan Singh
Upgrade to FontAwesome 5.1 (switch to class fas instead of fa)
Add Vector2.Random
Add Vector2.Dot
7 July 2018
Michael Johnson
Add landscape heightmap update bindings
Initial support for updating regions of landscape heightmap and collision at runtime Merge branch 'master' of github.com:Facepunch/SandboxGame
Rohan Singh
`Make Quat.FromAngles accept Angles, getter for viewport size and camera aspect ratio
6 July 2018
Rohan Singh
Vector2 length property, distance method
Michael Johnson
Add WorldEntity.LocalBoundingBox. Fix particle systems not using entity rotation for start location. Remove particle effect now spawns particles in oriented bounding box instead of world bounds. Fix mouse axis value not being ignored for a frame when clicking on viewport Move voxel testing to BlockBuilder gamemode. Update Chunks.Native Hook up map builder tools to sandbox tool menu
5 July 2018
Rohan Singh
Only serialize required fields for vector and box structs
4 July 2018
Michael Johnson
Use WriteCompressedInt for editable mesh handles
Compress editable mesh serialization by using int16 for handles and flags for face properties
Net serialize editable meshes Merge branch 'master' of github.com:Facepunch/SandboxGame
Rohan Singh
Add properties to get image pixels as Color32 struct
3 July 2018
Michael Johnson
Pass mouse click events to game if mouse isn't on a view instead of routing through hud click events Start making map builder into a general editor addon instead of a gamemode
Coherent mouse events return is mouse on view. Allow sandbox tools to use mouse clicks while ui wants mouse but not clicking on a visible ui.
Initial support for runtime landscape collisions Merge branch 'master' of github.com:Facepunch/SandboxGame
Rohan Singh
Name the generated VS solution whatever the parent folder is called
Catch exceptions from gamemode init so it doesn't prevent the menu from spawning
Write the generated C# files to compiler temp folder instead of addon folder
2 July 2018
Rohan Singh
Remove todo from previous commit
Update to latest Roslyn and .NET Core 2.1, compile addons with C# 7.3
Need to compile with latest C# version
Experimental UnmanagedSerializer using unmanaged constraint
1 July 2018
Rohan Singh
Fix reloadassets command stopping if one of them fails to reload
Fix crash when assimp import fails, now shows assimp's error message