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26 May 2018
Michael Johnson
ViewInfo takes Angles instead of Quaternion
25 May 2018
Michael Johnson
Add throw force min and max to throwable weapon Shake the view of the local view target so spectators can also see it Add entity bounds scale. Scal viewmodel bounds by 2 to make sure animations stay inside
Fix mdl models that have multiple root bones by inserting a dummy root node (hands and grenades aren't attached together so both have root nodes) Show grenade weapon viewmodel
Disable grenade physics when taking damage so they don't get launched across the map before the delayed explosion
Controllable.AddEyeInput now takes Angles instead of Quaternion. Change camera controllable into an actual camera entity so it can be used completely client side.
24 May 2018
Michael Johnson
Add explosion radial impulse client side for client side physics entities Controllables with authority cache their controllers view angles so they can be used when they don't have a controller
Make grenade throw more powerful the longer fire is held
Add test explosion effect. Add Weapon.Droppable Add TakeWeaponFromInventory, take and destroy grenade weapon when ran out of grenades, switch to next weapon in inventory.
Shake view on explosion Grenade impact sounds
Add consumable weapon and throwable weapon. Add grenades.
23 May 2018
Michael Johnson
Add cancel button to team selection
Add fire duration, don't reload while still firing Play clip empty sound on dry fire Add convar vm_righthand
Broadcast register damage through hud so spectators can also know about it
Add damage dealt sounds Add Ammo.MaxCount and Ammo.Fill
Weapon.EmitSound can choose to only play on the view target (for viewmodels)
Try reloading when clip is empty
Weapon reloading Start reloading animation when reloading state is replicated
Move ICanBeDamaged to engine addon, no reason to make this internal Weapon prediction and client side hit reg (can trust clients in internal playtests)
22 May 2018
Michael Johnson
Display target info for 500ms after target is no longer in view
Show target info while in free mode spectator. Ignore penetrations on thirdperson death camera, fixes camera clipping when ragdoll hits surface at high speeds.
Show teams on scoreboard
Add num slots to team info Get player count for team. Disable team selection button if already on team or team is full
Cache player start entities on map load to avoid finding them every respawn Refuse change team if already on that team Don't bother asking server to change teams if already on that team to save a rpc
Add orbit camera scrolling to spectator
Add Entity.OnOwnerReplicated so don't need to check for weapon model attach every tick
21 May 2018
Michael Johnson
Send weapon inputs to server Ensure active weapon model is attached to player model (sometimes active weapon replicates before weapon owner)
Client side death sound Attempt to sync bullet impacts on client side ragdoll when owner dies
Only add bullet impact forces to authoritative entities
Controllable interp uses EnableInterpolation convar
Create player model also on server so it can trace the hitboxes
Fix more NRE's on dedicated server
Make extra sure weapons are shown/hidden when they should be. Fix weapon NRE's on dedicated server
Add spectator info hud
Add dof method bindings (bokeh, gaussian, circle)
20 May 2018
Michael Johnson
Add depth of field post process bindings
Emit weapon sounds with no attenuation when local view target is the owner, otherwise emit from the weapons world model
Only burst fire with glock if it has 3 or more bullets
Give ammo to base weapon controllable, show total ammo count on hud
Fix OnPhysicsCollide callback
Add PhysicsCollideInfo.CalculateImpactSpeed
Add vitals hud
Increment kills/deaths counter
Add projectile weapon and weapon types
Add scoreboard to shooterbase Add ammo counter hud, also shows for spectator target
19 May 2018
Michael Johnson
Add optional channel byte to text chat so gamemodes can support team chat etc
18 May 2018
Michael Johnson
Add team color to team info. Color name in chat with team color.
Clear active weapon on drop just incase there's no other weapon to switch to
Better impact speed detection, play impact sound volume depending on speed
Add zooming and roll to camera controllable, left click to take screenshot
Add CameraControllable, Add World.DeltaTimeUnscaled
Use date and time for screenshot filenames
Better ragdoll impact sounds, play harder sound depending on impact speed
Add ragdoll impact sounds
Add target info hud
Change global pitch modulation with timescale command
Only focus highlight pickups if the local view target is a weapon controllable
Add suicides to death log
Add death log to shooterbase
Enable chatbox for shooterbase
17 May 2018
Michael Johnson
Add Weapon.HasCrosshair to disable crosshair for things that don't need it (melee weapons)
Despawn weapon pickups dropped from player (default 10 seconds)
Switch weapon on pickup if it's higher inventory order and same slot
Only show crosshair if view target has an active weapon Add HudComponent.IsActive and CheckIsActive so each hud component doesn't have to repeat the code for it Weapon selection hud uses IsActive Add pickup hud back Add DropInventory that gets called on death, by default drops active weapon Don't switch or place weapon if dropping active weapon of a dead player Don't take damage when dead
16 May 2018
Michael Johnson
Add skeletal body LinearDamping and AngularDamping bindings. Give ragdolls a default angular damping
Use game time for timings that care about time dilation
15 May 2018
Michael Johnson
Fix weapon selection hud selecting weapon twice, breaking quick switch Call SetActive when quick switching to update hud Disable weapon selection hud when not controlling someone with an inventory Don't render weapon selection when disabled (skips hidden blur fadeout) Change death camera collision profile to ignore player colliders Add death camera lerp from target position to orbit position so it's not as jarring
14 May 2018
Michael Johnson
Better linq for GetClosestInventoryItem
Filter out null entities in inventory in GetClosestInventoryItem
Switch to closest inventory item on active weapon drop
Add Q quick weapon switch
Add BaseWeapon.EquipDuration
Replicate Weapon.IsActiveWeapon to control visibility and equip/holster events instead of multicast rpc (shouldn't use rpc for persistent state)
13 May 2018
Michael Johnson
Move AutoKeyedDictionary to Engine addon
Remove gamemode player join team accept/refuse and use callbacks in Player.JoinTeam instead. Close team selection hud on accepted callback.
Add Gamemode.OnPlayerJoinTeamRefused Merge branch 'master' of github.com:Facepunch/SandboxGame
12 May 2018
Rohan Singh
Resist file open exceptions because it might work, don't send file size/mtime over watch server
Fix exception when retrying http request
Basic team selection hud
Fixed some cache issues preventing hotload from working over webfs
Show threads better in asset profiler
Michael Johnson
Gamemode.FindSpawnPoint takes player arg so gamemodes can choose different spawn points depending on team etc
Allow spectator team on hud
Hook up team selection hud to Player.JoinTeam
Compile fix
Add Player.JoinTeam and Gamemode.OnPlayerJoinTeam (it's up to gamemodes to allow the team join or not)
Make characters walk around in circles when not controlled or controlled by bot
11 May 2018
Michael Johnson
Take damage from phys collide
Add shotgun Transfer player velocity to weapon throw
Add fov command (110 fov club)
Fix post process entities for 4.19, hardcode outline material blendable for now. Add outline when looking at weapon pickups.
Use pickup mesh bounds to place weapon center
Pick up weapon with use key for when not touching pickup trigger
Add entry state name to anim state machine, use the first added state by default (fixes view models showing idle for a frame when equipping sometimes)
Only play weapon view model animation when weapon is active
Add weapon switching and weapon selection Hud. Add give_weapon command. Add Entity.ClassName. Weapon world and view models hidden by default. Run character controllable physics on server when no player or player is a bot.
Rohan Singh
More reliable webfs watch server, batch changes so clients don't try to load partially written files
Don't clear the asset server index when regaining connection
10 May 2018
Rohan Singh
Get the asset server filesystem from Sandbox.Filesystem
Reduce webfs span in webcon
Restore webfs stream position if an exception is thrown while reading
Add some retry logic to webfs network requests
Switch to loopback address when connecting to your own public IP
9 May 2018
Michael Johnson
Add left and right hand socket names to player model. Add Weapon.HideModel and Weapon.AttachToPlayerModel (probably come up with better names)
Broadcast weapon drops so the model can be hidden and detached
Create player model before giving weapons. Attach weapon world model to player model
Hide weapon models on holster. Only give weapon if it's unique
Place weapon instead of throwing it if surface is flat and near us
Throw weapon with some angular velocity Only play weapon viewmodel sounds if there's an owner
Set weapons owner to null on drop
Remove weapon from inventory when dropping weapon
Have weapon create it's own pickup Throw weapon with some velocity
Disable replication on weapon model. Only trigger weapon pickup on server
Add view shake to shooter base Allow weapons to update owners view (zoom in and out) Add weapon model entity (weapons world model, client side only) Add virtual OnEquip and OnHolster to BaseWeapon, called on weapon change Play view model animation on equip by default, override Weapon.OnEquip to do something different Add WeaponPickup Give weapon to pickup trigger activator, destroy pickup if activator can put the weapon in their inventory
Rohan Singh
Fix enumerate not including the fallback filesystem, make sure duplicate entries are removed
8 May 2018
Michael Johnson
Add thirdperson camera collision back Merge branch 'master' of github.com:Facepunch/SandboxGame
Rohan Singh
Make enumerating the filesystem fast again
Fix cross-browser CSS, skip hotload on webfs stuff
7 May 2018
Rohan Singh
Some webcon fixes
Reduce the amount of webfs checks that hit the network
Make scrolling in webcon fast again (no more downscroll stuff)
6 May 2018
Michael Johnson
Move Gamemode.FindSpawnPoint to Engine addon, no reason to make this an internal function
Turn off skeletal animations properly without T-posing it when in ragdoll
Only rotate player model with yaw angle when controllable is alive
Fix exception in vpk reading
Keep reading bsp entity lump if a line fails
Remove some uneeded logging
View next player if target leaves
Add some authority asserts for safety
Don't change spectator mode if there's no target. Move spectator to thirdperson camera when switching to null target (no targets left to spectate)
Allow spectator movement if there's no target
Only use thirdperson camera as spectator if in that mode or target is ragdoll Set spectator view target when target respawns Merge Merge branch 'master' of github.com:Facepunch/SandboxGame
Fix weapon viewmodel swinging around when first spectating
Rohan Singh
Catch exceptions in file change event
Handle exceptions that are thrown when logging an exception
Remove test code from webcon
Maybe improve webcon performance a bit
Fix deadlock probably
Asset server index file so clients don't need to make a million requests to find things
Don't throw away addons that still exist when refreshing, fixes the map disappearing on subsequent loads
Progress on loading things from the asset server
5 May 2018
Michael Johnson
Don't do spectator eye input when in firstperson mode
Only do spectator movement when in free mode
Set spectator view target back to itself unless switching to firstperson mode and there's a target, just incase there's a situation where mode is changed from firstperson to free.
Add spectator free mode back, move it to where the thirdperson camera would be so it looks like we just detach from the target nice and clean
Rename ControllingViewTarget to ControllingTarget to distinguish between the actual view target, target is just a way of player having an entity of interest (example: don't remove ragdoll while player is targeting it)
Simplify player spectating by only setting view target server side for firstperson, calculate thirdperson camera client side in OnUpdateView Remove client side thirdperson camera in DeathControllable, calculate view in OnUpdateView instead Player.ViewTarget requires authority Add Player.ControllingViewTarget, override Controllable.GetViewTarget to use it. (This is useful for getting a target entity from local player)
3 May 2018
Michael Johnson
Fix Player.Controllable to work both server and client side Spectators target player model if it's in ragdoll mode, switch back when player respawns.
Rohan Singh
This line is not only for asset servers
Add a flag to turn asset server feature on, default off for now
Properly cleanup old addons
2 May 2018
Rohan Singh
Allow disabiling authentication for remote requests, refresh addon list after setting fallback FS
Automatically start asset server, make clients automatically connect and register the FS
Fixed some web server issues, also fixed webcon not sending history when connecting
Fix dispose exception when closing the game
Michael Johnson
Add World.ServerNetworkAddress
Safer ragdoll cleanup without using async, only destroy after not being viewed for ragdoll_fade_time Merge branch 'master' of github.com:Facepunch/SandboxGame Merge branch 'master' of github.com:Facepunch/SandboxGame Add Player.ServerIPAddress
1 May 2018
Rohan Singh
Don't throw if webcon fails to start
Switch HttpListener to Kestrel